The Southernmost Star is COMING SOON!💫

A return to Innisfail... land of impossible beauty, dark magic, and ancient blood feuds... Hi there! Phew, what a year. Between revising and editing TSOM's two sequels (yep... one more on the way), traveling and shooting landscapes for my photography business, booking sessions for said business, moving, and putting MANY hours into my day job--... Continue Reading →

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Last Day To Enter!

So exciting! 😆⭐️✨ Tomorrow, ten lucky winners will take home their very own autographed copy of 'The Sons Of Mil'! Today's the last day to enter! Head to Goodreads before 11:59 today, and YOU may win! Or check out the eBook for just $2.99 on Amazon! Happy Reading! #thesonsofmil, #theinnisfailcycle, #dark, #epic, #fantasy, #novel, #book,... Continue Reading →

‘The Sons Of Mil’ on Sample Chapter Podcast!

'The Sons Of Mil' was on Sample Chapter Podcast this past weekend! Had a super fun interview with Jason, talking about inspiration, execution, and upcoming projects. Stick through to the end, where I read Chapter Two aloud! Follow the link: Sample Chapter Podcast: Episode 50, The Sons Of Mil! Make sure to follow Sample Chapter... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in the Irish Otherworld

Thanks so much, K.M. West for this incredible review! Follow her blog for more brilliant, intuitive content!

Illegibly K.M. West

Nothing tugs at my heartstrings like mythology, and throughout the process of writing #theCollapse, I’ve discovered a bit of a passion for lesser known pantheons. I’m equally as prone to disappearing into a black hole of Wikipedia pages as I am to vanish into a well-written fantasy or historical fiction set against these beliefs, which is what brought me to the Irish “Otherworld” over the weekend.

Oisínand Niamh approaching a palace in Tír na nÓg, illustration byStephen ReidinT. W. Rolleston‘sThe High Deeds of Finn(1910)

“New ideas wither, where Old Gods reign…”

Due to the kind heart of the author, L.M. Riviere, I was given a sneak peak at the first ten chapters of her upcoming release, ‘The Sons Of Mil’; Book One of ‘The Innisfail Cycle.’ As a foreigner to pre-Christian Irish myth, it took me a minute to acclimate to my…

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