The Southernmost Star is COMING SOON!💫

A return to Innisfail… land of impossible beauty, dark magic, and ancient blood feuds…

Hi there! Phew, what a year. Between revising and editing TSOM’s two sequels (yep… one more on the way), traveling and shooting landscapes for my photography business, booking sessions for said business, moving, and putting MANY hours into my day job– I have been a busy bee! Haven’t had much time to spare, aside from work and business-building endeavors. My social media pages have also been ignored, for a while. When I do manage to squeeze some time out of my week, I’m usually exhausted and in need of some much-deserved R&R. Having said that, The Southernmost Star is headed through its final paces, and will be available by early Spring.

The Southernmost Star was the more difficult of the two sequels, to flesh out. Being the ‘middle child’, its pacing and narrative is slightly slower and more contemplative than Book I or III. In this chapter of The Innisfail Cycle, we explore the characters themselves more thoroughly– their world, their relationships, and the deep intrigues and political machinations that complicate all three. In this book, you will get to know your favorite characters better: their secrets, their motivations, and the lengths and depth of their personal ambitions. You will meet new characters you may love more than the old and I daresay, you will question what makes a character good or bad. You’ll wonder whether or not redemption is an attainable or even worthy goal.

The Southernmost Star is likely the darkest of the trilogy, and if I’m honest, probably the most difficult to read. Emotionally, it drags the reader through places within our subconscious that make us squirm. In these paged, you will question your favorites’ motives and decisions, and will probably sympathize with their enemies. You will wonder if anyone in this world is who you thought they were. You will be shocked, appalled, disgusted, vindicated, enamored, empathetic, and unsettled…. and you will love it.

Have you read The Sons Of Mil yet? Did you enjoy it? If you haven’t picked up a copy, you can request an invoice for a signed copy here on this website, head to my author page on Amazon for either ebooks or unsigned physical copies. If you have the time, Rate and Review TSOM on Amazon , Goodreads, and Facebook— it only takes a moment and a single sentence, and is the absolute best way to support an author.

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Stay tuned:)

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