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Heya, cats and kittens!

The Sons Of Mil‘ has been available for about a week now! Yay! Already sent out the first bundle of autographed copies. How cool is that? The eBook is now half-price, through St. Patrick’s Day! Just $2.99! Find it here:

ALSO, don’t forget to sign up to be one of 10 lucky folks to receive a FREE autographed FIRST EDITION copy of TSOM here:

After a promising round of queries in pursuit of a traditional publishing contract; I realized what I wanted more than anything, was readership. I aim to connect with readers on a more personal level and build an organic fanbase for ‘The Innisfail Cycle‘… people need to be reading it for that to happen. Waiting indeterminate months/years in the query/rejection game– wasn’t achieving that. While querying, I did garner some professional interest… but I lacked a solid following that might have earned me a more beneficial contract. As an unknown author with a massive epic to sell; if I want to be taken seriously, I need a built-in reader base.

Having said that, I still intend that this series will find its way into traditional print, eventually. ‘The Innisfail Cycle’ is not the only series I have on deck, but it is the first to be completed. I hope giving folks something of mine to read, will help me achieve that ultimate goal.

What do you guys think about that? Are any of you flirting with the same idea– or as readers, where do you discover the majority of your new favorite authors?

The publishing process was a lot more complex and difficult than I expected. Took nearly a month just to get everything uploaded and formatted properly. I was massively underprepared! If not for the kindness and (extreme) patience of several individuals (Mike, Micah, Dee, and Sydney)– I might still be staring at the Kindle Previewer. In the end, the book came together beautifully. I am quite proud (and relieved) by the way it all turned out.

Have you read it yet? If so, what did you think? Hit me up on any of my Social Media pages, and give me the scoop. I wanna hear from you!

TSOM’s sequels are COMING SOON! For sneak peeks, art, and excerpts– follow my new instagram account at:

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