Available For Preorder Now!

The Sons Of Mil’ is available for preorder NOW!
Click http://www.amazon.com/author/lmriviere to order your digital copy, which will automatically download directly to your Kindle device, on January 13th!

**Trade Paperback and Hardcover copies, will be made available on Jan. 13. I will post links, as I receive them.

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Twitter: @LM_Riviere

Amazon: amazon.com/author/lmriviere
I will post links to Goodreads, when they are available to me.

*** Book Description:
Dark, complex, and action-packed; The Sons Of Mil explores the pitfalls of an imperiled society, with a cast of misfits, heretics, and rogues. Fans of Adventure, High Fantasy, and Romance, will find something to love here!On the continent of Innisfail, Old Gods reign. Following five hundred years of vicious conflict, the High King has negotiated an armistice between the immortal Sidhe in the North, and the human populations of the South; the Sons of Mil. In this land of treacherous magic and ageless blood feuds, the peace is precarious at best. An outcast with few loyalties, Ben Maeden has no interest in the political strife brewing in the South. Convinced a man without pride has nothing left to lose, he’s content to fade into drunken obscurity in the wilderness. That is, until a rare moment of conscience compels him to rescue a young noblewoman from a band of mercenaries. This auspicious encounter hurls him into the heart of a far-reaching conspiracy, for Una Moura is no ordinary girl. Branded a heretic and scourged by her own people, she harbors a secret that could spell disaster for everyone. Hunted by militant nobles, dark creatures, and ambitious zealots; Ben and Una find themselves in a desperate race to prevent a war. Though, not every enemy lurks in the shadows. Haunted by the ghosts of a former life; Ben may discover his greatest challenge lies within. Can he reconcile his past to safeguard Innisfail’s future, or is he doomed to repeat his mistakes… to the detriment of all?

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