TSOM Update, 7/26/18

SOM_PROMO_v3(Check out this swanky new promo, by the talented @Musefactory6)

Hey there, cats and kittens!

The Sons Of Mil is fully completed, edited, and currently being solicited to small publishing houses. After taking nearly twenty years of my life to write– I felt it deserved its day in court. It’s my hope that it will be picked up by a boutique publisher and generate a modest following, and toward that goal, I am postponing pre-release until it’s been properly reviewed. Fingers crossed, ya’ll. I have not ruled out the possibility of self-publishing (nor do I think it’s the ‘less valid’ option), but I feel TSOM could only benefit from the influence of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. While TSOM is being read and (gulp) evaluated, I will do my utmost to keep everyone in the loop.

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter on this website– folks who do will automatically earn points redeemable for promo goodies listed in my ‘SHOP’ drop-down (promo kits may include limited edition bookmarks, maps, and magnets, as part of TSOM’s pre-release campaign. TBA soon!). Remember you are welcome to read the first chapter anytime under the ‘READ’ drop-down in the menu.

If you are a literary, fiction, or fantasy blogger, and would be interested in reviewing TSOM for its future pre-release, please email me anytime!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

-LaNae Riviere

*The Sons Of Mil: Book One of the Innisfail Cycle, Copyright@LMRIVIERE.COM

**No unauthorized sampling, sharing, or sales- shall be permitted, and any evidence of such, may be subject to legal action.


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